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How to Cool Down Without Air Conditioning

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Relying too much on your air conditioning system may cause you an increase in electric bills and sometimes we can’t anticipate when our AC gets broken. How do we solve this kind of problem? for instance, if we don’t have the budget to call for a technician for repair. What you don’t know is that there are ways to keep your home cool and not relying too much on your AC.

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In this blog, we will talk about the tip and tricks about cooling your home on your own or should we say DIY. After reading this you will become the DIY master in home cooling.

6 Tips To Keep You Cool Down Without Using AC

1. Cook outside

We always wake up early in the morning to prepare our food and simply without knowing that the heat coming from our stove is causing the temperature inside our house to increase. You’ll either cook with your stove in the morning when it is still cooler outside or stop cooking with your stove.

However, we can still use a different method in cooking such as using your grill or cooking outside.

2. Use ice and fan

Being resourceful is really handy in times of having a broken AC or during the hot season. If your AC got busted due to some circumstances and you wanted to cool down without using an AC then what you only need to have is a bunch of ice and a fan.

Putting the ice in front of your fan can help you cool down while blowing the cold air from the ice.

3. Sleep alone

Whelp, not everyone can sleep alone since other people are scared of the dark and being apart from their loved ones. 

Yet, you might want to consider being apart for now if you want your body to keep its cool. Since our body produces warmth and increases the temperature.

4. Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated with water, fruits, and veggies that contains water can help you cool down even hot drinks. Sometimes we wonder what cools us down much more is it hot or cold drinks? well, the answer to that is: Hot drinks can help you sweat faster even though our body temperature stays at 37, unlike cold drinks which only slows the sweat in your body.

Technically, drinking hot water can help you sweat faster which means those heat coming from your body will eventually evaporate and the body will be much cooler since the sweat of your body is cold and wet.

5. Take a shower

The best method you can use in cooling down is to take a cold shower even though not all are fond of using cold water when taking a bath but its worth a try especially if you are suffering from the heat of your home.

But remember don’t take a cold shower when your body is being a really high temperature since it can potentially affect the condition of your body.

6. Closed the unused door

During the day when it is hot closing, the unused doors can reduce the heat coming into your house.

Basically, heat travels through light. So we need to keep our home dark and keep the excess heat coming out from your home.