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Water treatment services

How satisfying it is if the water flowing from our faucet is already purified and softer? Here at McDonald Home Solutions, we do not want you to miss out on the trend. Our water treatment services are right around the corner. If you decide to apply for water purification or water softener services, we are always ready at your call. 

water treatment Services

Whether you require water purification or water softener service, our skilled technicians have the latest information and technology available to address your needs appropriate to your budget.

Water Purification

Repair and replacement of water purifying machines and removal of tiny solids and filtration of water through installation of high-performing purifying systems.


Water Softener

Repair, replacement, and installation of water softener systems of any type and model.


Why Water Treatment Is Important

Having safe water to drink is important considering we use it as a drinking water source and we prioritize our health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that the drinking water supply in the United States is one of the safest drinking water in the world. Truth to be told, drinking water is not always safe if there is a chance it becomes contaminated. After all contaminated water can cause an infection and sickness like diarrhea

Since we want to ensure the safety of our household we should consider having a water treatment.


4 Types Of Household Water Treatment Sytems

  1. Filtration Systems is a medium used to remove pollutants and improve the taste of drinking water.
  2. Distillation Systems is a tool used to remove unclean water with the process of boiling and separating the collected steam in a different container, leaving the substantial contaminants behind
  3. Disinfection is applied to kill the bacteria to produce clean and drinkable water.
  4. Water softeners are used to restrict the build-up deposit in a water pipe that will reduce the risk of bacterial illness.


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Treat It With McDonald Home Solutions

At McDonald Home Solutions, our water treatment professionals are always ready to serve you and guarantee the safety of your family. Our goal is wide but simple: Deliver the best quality of service at a fair price, our technicians will give you insight regarding the repair and will give the estimated price before starting. Want to hire us? Schedule now for our plumbing service.

Why choose us?

Here at McDonald Home Solutions, we care to provide excellent water treatment services fitting to your needs and pocket. We always strive to be customer-friendly by strictly following our schedule and being true to our standard rates to guarantee the satisfaction of our homeowners.


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