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How to Estimate the Right Size Furnace for Your Home?

Furnace Installation

One of the most critical factors that affects the efficiency of
your furnace is its size. It is essential to select the proper sized furnace
for your home. An oversized furnace will short cycle and consume more energy
than usual, whereas an undersized furnace will work longer and harder to heat
your home. Both of these will result in a higher than necessary energy bill.


Follow these suggested steps to determine the right size furnace
for your home courtesy of a furnace installer near you, McDonald Home Solutions


Consider the Climate of Your Area


Your area’s weather conditions will influence how frequently you
will need to run your furnace and how much heat output will be required. The
colder the winter, the more output you will need. Here in Sonoma County, we
don’t typically see snow, but we have cold and wet winters. Which means you’ll
likely need to turn on your furnace throughout the winter to keep your home


Calculate Your Home’s Square


You can find your home’s square footage on different documents
such as your home’s lease papers, appraisal documents, and listing. If you
cannot find these documents, you will need to calculate your home’s square


To estimate your home’s square footage, measure each room’s
length and width and multiply them. Do not take measurements for rooms that do
not have vents and rooms you do not want to heat.


For example, if you had a room that was 10 by 20 the square
footage of that room would be 200 square feet.


To get the total square footage of your home, add the numbers
from each room in your home that you wish to heat. 


Calculate the
Necessary BTU Output 


To determine the BTU output required to heat your
home, multiply your home’s total square footage with the BTUs required for your


Suppose the total square footage of your home is 2,000 square feet
and it is in a climate zone that requires 40-45 BTUs per square ft.


The range of BTUs required to heat this home would be (2,000*40)
to (2,000*45) which equates to approximately 80,000-90,000 BTUs 


Before buying a furnace with an 80,000 BTU input, consider
furnace efficiency. A furnace with an 80,000 BTU input and 80 percent
efficiency rating will produce only 64,000 BTUs. You will need a furnace with
an input of at least 100,000 BTUs.

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