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Home Heating Service

Is your furnace system not working properly as it used to? Take your worries away with our professional heating services. Whether you are looking for a repair service, a new heater unit, or simply a tuning up, our budget-friendly service and expert technicians can definitely help restore comfort to your home in no time.

Gas Furnaces

Heat Pumps


Ducted & Ductless Mini Splits

Dual Fuel Systems

Solar Capable Systems

Gas Furnaces

Got issues with your furnace performance? Maybe it needs a quick check up and diagnosis. Our experts can help you sort your problem through furnace maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are typical options in home cooling and heating systems since they only transfer warm air instead of burning fuel to create heat. Hence they need regular tune-ups to avoid high-cost repair and replacement emergencies.


Detection of both minor and major issues such as gas line obstruction, corrosion, and carbon monoxide risks, which can be fixed through regular maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation.

Ducted and Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless heating system creates heat without fuel combustion which impacts it being more energy efficient than other centralized heating systems. Whether you are looking for someone to tune-up, install, or fix your ductless heater, our technicians can help.

Dual Fuel Systems

A dual fuel system is a combo of a heat pump and a natural gas furnace - more efficient than a single fuel system. Either of the two heaters struggles to maintain warmth in your home during cold seasons, we can install, repair, and replace your dual fuel for you.

Solar Capable Systems

Heating units that rely solely on solar energy making it more cost-efficient than electric-powered units. We can install them for you, or in case you have one already, we are open for any emergency services.

Top-Rated Heating Service

Every homeowner should have a reliable heating system. Heaters can make your home comfortable during the cold and chilly days, but you can lose that heat if your heater gets busted. Here in McDonald Home Solutions, we know the importance of the heating system that keeps your home cozy during the winter season

We are equipped with the latest knowledge and technology available in heating services, from furnace maintenance to repair and replacement, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently for you.

Repair and installation

Quick diagnosis, repair, and installation of boilers , water heaters, and tankless water heaters.


Replacing your heater unit with a brand new, cost-efficient unit.



Improves the efficiency and longevity of your heating system. Avoids costly repairs and replacement.

Heater Repair

Having a problem with your heater at home? It needs immediate repair and servicing. A broken heater can be annoying especially during the cold nights. 

How do we know if your heater requires repair?

  • Takes too long to warm up your home.
  • The heater is getting noisy. 
  • Bad odors coming out from the heating system.
  • Bad indoor air quality.
  • Unusual electric bill.

If such a problem arises you need to schedule a repair as soon as possible.

McDonald Home Solutions are ready with any kind of heating system for repair from furnaces, boiler, and heat pumps you can trust us. Our HVAC technicians are all professionals with at least 10 years of experience furthermore we strictly follow the scheduled appointments and perform the necessary repairs.

Heater Replacement and Installation

If you have an old heater that has to serve you for more than 15-20 years I think it is better to consider for have a replacement. Using an old heater can be very costly especially with your electric bill, unlike the new products. New products are energy-efficient and have a lot of variation for their performance, using this advantage can be a big help in saving a lot of money from your utility bill. 

According to the U.S. energy information administration that half of the annual electric bill of a U.S. household is caused by the heating and air conditioning system. Choosing the right heating equipment is the best solution for less energy consumption. You can consult our experts in choosing the proper heating equipment and get the estimated cost.

Heater installation can sometimes be pretty tricky. At McDonald Home Solution, we don’t recommend doing DIYs especially for those who don’t have any experience in electrical wiring. A poor wiring job can lead to a furnace that constantly trips circuit breakers, drains power, and may even become a fire hazard. 

Your safety is our priority we’ll ensure that our technicians with years of experience as well as the proper licensing will do the installation properly. Already too late? make sure to call us so you can learn more about the repair option. Our technician can repair it before it becomes a long term problem. McDonald Home Solution got your back.

Heater Maintenance

Have you finished your annual maintenance for your heating system? if not then you need one. 

In the winter season, homeowners always continue to rely on their heating systems to keep them warm. But how sure are you that your heating system will keep you warm during this time of the season? Especially old heating equipment can be unreliable when it comes to its performance and safeness. 

The best way is to have annual maintenance to keep the reliability, efficiency, and optimal performance of your heating equipment. Have a heating HVAC technician to take a look at your heating equipment can save you a lot of money since doing multiple repairs every year which can be costly.

Get It Fixed At McDonald Home Solutions

Are you looking for a home service company that can restore your air conditioners’ capability? Our technicians can do the job. At McDonald Home Solution, our professionals are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge with at least 10 years of experience in serving the needs of our customers from repairing, replacement, and installation – we got you all covered. 

Our goal is wide but simple: Deliver the best quality of service at a fair price, our technicians will inform you regarding the work that needs to be done and we will give the estimated price before starting. Want to hire us? Schedule now for air conditioning service.

Why choose us for your heating needs?

Maintaining warmth in your home during the winter is important. Other aspects of a heating inspection ensure that your family is safe from any carbon monoxide leaks in your heating system and potential fire hazards. We want to ensure you’re not only warm, but safe

Avoiding Damage

Bigger Savings

Home Safety