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Grandma Mac Club

Are service contracts worth it?

I know what you are thinking… What does our Grandma Mac have to do with service contracts?

First, you need to understand who Grandma Mac is to us. She is our Matriarch, our amazing Grandmother and the lifeblood our our company. She is caring, loving and always goes above and beyond for us.

That is why we named our service contract after out Grandma Mac. We wanted to capitalize on the life she built for us to even have this opportunity to serve you. 

Service contracts are monthly payments you make to a company that includes some sort of additional service and benefit for you. With the Grandma Mac club, we wanted to provide you with a ton of value and be there for you, when you need us most. 

As a member of the Grandma Mac’s Club, you will be able to get the following perks for only $19/mo.

  • 10% off of all installs.
  • Yearly servicing of furnaces, A/C, water heaters, tankless water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, change filters, change batteries on the thermostat, etc.
  • Front of the line service. During a heatwave or cold spell, Our members will be helped first.
  • 1 stop shop for heating, cooling, plumbing, and sewer (Upcoming Service).
  • No service dispatch fees.

Grandma Mac has always been an influential part of our companies values of friendship, quality service, and integrity. She has always been the nicest person we have had in our family and has been Paramount to our family for 80 years and we wanted to pass this connection onto you. 

Are service contracts worth it? For $19/mo you are saving yourself thousands when you need us most. Want to get started with the Grandma Mac Club? Hit the FB icon and we will have a conversation about getting the initial payment started with you!