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Are HVAC Warranties Worth It?

Are HVAC Warranties Worth It?, technician

Often times, we get asked if warranties are even worth having on HVAC systems. One of the most expensive repairs or replacements that you can have in your home is typically your HVAC system. Often times, replacement of parts or complete systems can cost thousands of dollars.

People will often feel like the warranties are just upsells for the companies and they do not take them seriously. There are automatic warranties that usually come with the equipment from the manufacturers that some companies will try to charge you for.

This is where dealing with a company, like McDonald Home Solutions, is important. One of our core values is integrity and we believe that core value should be in every aspect of our business. There is often conflicting advice some contractors will have on the subject of warranties and if they are worthy of your financial investment.

Understand the Warranty

This is where that fine print matters the most and what you need to ensure you understand with your HVAC company. The first area you need to consider is the product registration. Most manufacturers will require you to register a specific product in a time frame from the installation in order for the manufacturer warranty to take place. Also, most warranties will require regular maintenance to take place in the unit in order to honor the claim from the warranty. This is also a great way to use our Grandma Mac Club “regular” can depend on the manufacturer so ensure that you are knowledgeable about their definition and schedule us to come out and log those maintaining dates for you.

Additionally, ensure that your technician explains what labor is covered under their warranty. What can they help with the most? What are parts and labor? Get it on paper and contracted with that company and keep that document for future use. 

As always, reach out to us and we will help you understand the warranties you may or may not need for your system.