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Too hot in your home during the summer season? Our air conditioning services are just ahead, ready at your call! Here at McDonald Home Solutions, we know how important it is to keep your home cool and comfortable, that is why we strive to give high-quality cooling solutions every single time. From maintenance to repair, replacement, and installation, you can leave the job to us, we got you!

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Home air conditioner service

A properly functioning AC unit is considered a necessity in most households nowadays. A functional AC is nothing short of a blessing for households in summer. In addition to cooling your home, your AC helps improve the indoor air quality.

Whether you want to install a new system, maintain an existing one, or need help troubleshooting an AC that does not cool properly or does not cool at all, McDonald Home Solutions has you covered.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our expertise and know-how allows us to design innovative, effective solutions.

AC Repair & Replacement

Quick air-conditioner diagnosis and repair. If not then we can replace your old AC unit with a brand new, more energy-efficient unit.


AC Installation

We will find you the most affordable, efficient, and high-quality AC units in the neighborhood.


AC Maintenance

Improves the efficiency and longevity of your cooling system. Avoids costly repairs and replacement.


AC Repair 

Procrastinating AC repairs could prove to be a costly mistake. A malfunctioning AC is more than just an inconvenience, it can draw more energy than usual, causing your energy bill to spike. A malfunctioning AC can put your health and safety at risk.

If your AC’s evaporator coils are dirty, the system will circulate unclean air. Exposure to particulate pollution can aggravate lung disease and increase one’s risk of respiratory infections. A malfunctioning AC can start a house fire or cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

AC repairs are best left to experts. If you take the DIY route, you may make a mistake and things could take a turn for the worse.

McDonald Home Solutions is your go-to team for air conditioning repair. Whether your AC is not cooling properly or not cooling at all, we can help. Our technicians will get to the root cause of your issue and treat it before it snowballs into a major problem.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to AC repair. Two systems exhibiting identical symptoms may have different issues. No one knows this better than us. We avoid jumping to conclusions and take the time to inspect your system and perform tests to diagnose your issue accurately. Once we make an accurate diagnosis, we will help you plan a course of action.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our team takes multiple precautions to make sure that your family and our technicians both stay safe.

New System Installation

Thinking of installing a new AC system? It’s important to remember that how you install your AC will affect its efficiency.

Improper installation of an air conditioning unit can result in leaky ducts and other problems or cut short the system’s service life. Problems that arise due to faulty installation will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Stick with the experts at McDonald Home Solutions to avoid the pitfalls of DIY installation. An oversized unit will short cycle. An undersized unit, on the other hand, will work harder and longer to cool your spaces, causing your energy bill to shoot up.

We offer top-notch AC installation services. We will help you choose the right-sized AC for your home.

Our team will perform the necessary calculations to accurately determine your home’s heating and cooling needs. A Manual J Load calculation takes many factors into account such as square footage, number and position of windows, and type and quality of building materials.

We plan AC installation projects down to the last detail. We take all necessary precautions to steer clear of installation errors to make sure that your home stays cool and free of any installation issues.

AC Maintenance 

Like all other household equipment, ACs need regular care and maintenance. A poorly maintained AC is a recipe for an expensive breakdown.

Stay on top of maintenance. To prevent problems, schedule a tune-up at least once every year to have your unit inspected for problems and potential issues.

At McDonald Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on being thorough, knowledgeable experts. During a tune-up, we will:

  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check and test the refrigerant and top off, if necessary
  • Clean and repair fins
  • Inspect airflow
  • Inspect electrical controls and tighten loose connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check the motor fan and blades to ensure they are not damaged
  • Check and clean condensate drain line
  • Check, clean, and replace filters
  • Inspect blower components

There are numerous benefits to regular AC unit maintenance. Periodic maintenance improves AC efficiency, extends system lifespan, and minimizes common AC problems. These common issues include hot and cold spots, inadequate airflow, and poor indoor air quality.

AC Replacement

Is your AC on its last legs or damaged beyond repair? Consider replacing it. AC replacement projects are challenging, which is why you should rely on the professionals.

Let us handle your AC replacement project. If you have a complex project, we will break it down into bite-sized tasks to avoid confusion.

Is your AC acting up? Let us take a look. Rest assured we will go the extra mile to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

We stand by our honest, transparent pricing and integrity is at the core of our business. To schedule an estimate for your air conditioning needs, call us today at (707) 284-1039.

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Here at McDonald Home Solutions, we care to provide excellent cooling services fitting to your needs and pocket. We always strive to be customer-friendly by strictly following our schedule and being true to our standard rates to guarantee the satisfaction of our homeowners.

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