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A Broken Water Line Is a Serious Problem

Sewer Replacement in Marin County

The water line delivers filtered, clean water to your home. They can burst due to various reasons, including tree root encroachment, clogs, high water pressure, and soil shifting. 

A broken water line is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They can flood your basement or damage your ceilings and walls. When your water line breaks, you may get little to no water for drinking, cleaning, and other household tasks. 

Some signs of a damaged water line are unusually high water bill, low water pressure, and foul smelling water. 

A leak in the pipes delivering clean water to your home is a plumbing emergency. Call a plumber or sewer repair/replacement company immediately. 

While waiting for your plumber to arrive, try to get to the root cause of the problem. 

  • Inspect the pipes. 
  • Look for signs of aging-related wear and tear. 
  • Check to see if the soil under the surface is shifting. 
  • Watch out for rodents and pests.

To preserve water, turn off your main water valve. Locating your main water valve shouldn’t be a problem, as in most cases, it is located outside the structure, near the curb. If this is not an option, wrap duct tape around the pipe to reduce water wastage. Alternatively, you can use specially designed water sealant tape.

If tape wrapping doesn’t work, use a C-clamp to fix the problem temporarily. After turning off your water supply, place a piece of rubber over the leak. Put a block of wood and place the screw of the C-clamp on it. Tighten the screw until it applies the required pressure.

Alternatively, you can use a sleeve clamp to temporarily address the problem. A sleeve clamp fixes all kinds of leaks ranging from small pinholes to significant leaks; it has two semicircle metal pieces surrounding the pipe to cover the leak. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws on each side of the clamp. 

Once you have temporarily fixed the problem, get rid of standing water to reduce the chances of severe water damage. 

If you detect a leak in your water line, move swiftly to address the problem to prevent long-term damage to your property. If your home is over 50 years old or plumbing problems have persisted for a long time, consider replacing your water main as a repair may not solve the problem or may be more expensive than a replacement. 

If your sewer replacement expert recommends replacing your water line, opt for trenchless replacement. Trenchless technology allows you to replace pipes without creating a large trench.

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