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5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problem

Most homeowners have faced different types of air conditioning problems but most of them do not have the exact knowledge to identify the cause. Broken AC can be annoying and uncomfortable especially during the summer season. You’re in the right place, we’ll help you in diagnosing your AC and look for possible reasons for its malfunction. We have listed the most common problem of a broken air conditioning system.

The reason why your air conditioner isn’t cooling enough

1. Filter

Usually, we change the air filter every three months if you haven’t changed your AC filter in a long time, then that would be a problem. Broken AC filters can gather dust in air vents and cause your AC not to cool normally. The AC filter is not the most complicated part of an air conditioning system, yet it can drastically affect its efficiency and the air quality in your home. To avoid this problem you need to change the filter regularly and if you don’t know how then I think it’s time to call for an HVAC service technician

2. Thermostat

A broken thermostat can really be annoying – it can quickly mean your home gets uncomfortably hot or cold and can cause an increase in your electric bill. The most common signs of a broken thermostat are: 

  • The thermostat has no power or is unresponsive
  •  Heater or AC won’t turn on 
  • Your AC or heater runs constantly and won’t turn OFF.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

It happens all the time, and most calls for AC maintenance and repair are associated with the issue. A hole in the system can cause all sorts of performance and efficiency problems, but worse than that is inhaling large amounts of the chemical, which can lead to health issues.

4. Breakers Or Fuses

Repeatedly running the fuse box and changing the fuse is not that time-consuming but likely also a sign of a greater problem with your cooling system or your electrical circuits. The most logical cause of your air conditioner tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse when it comes to stems from a problem with the electrical connection, the power supply, or the circuit that powers the system. Breakers and fuses are designed to trip or blow when too much voltage is sent through the line. This type of problem is not something you want to fool around with yourself! When it comes to HVAC electrical problems, you want skilled HVAC technicians.

5. Compressor

 If your air conditioner isn’t working then there’s a good chance that something is amiss with its compressor. The first and most obvious thing to do when your compressor won’t start is to make sure that the unit is receiving power. It is always possible that a fuse has been blown or that a breaker has been tripped. If such issues occur regularly, you should have an electrician take a look. 

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